Who Is A Graceful Girl?

When I think about raising my daughter to be a Graceful Girl, my hope and prayer is for her to grow into a young lady who develops a personal relationship with God and knows who she is in Christ. My desire is for her to become a young lady who knows her self worth and who knows that her strength begins with allowing God to guide her steps and the choices she makes in her life. My prayer is for her to allow God to enter into her heart so that His gifts of the Spirit will manifest in her spirit and lead her to the path of living a fruitful life walking in God’s Grace and wisdom.

This weeks blog post features a beautiful young lady who represents exactly who a Graceful Girl is. We proudly introduce to you Miss Jasmine Jones.


My name is Jasmine Jones and I am a junior attending the University of Maryland, College Park. To the glory of God, I have accomplished a lot since my matriculation into college. I became a member of the Primannum Honors Society, the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, College Park Scholars Business, Society and Economy Program, and William Edward Burghardt Du Bois National Honor Society. I recently studied abroad at the Universitat de Autonoma in Barcelona, Spain for four months. While abroad, I was fortunate enough to travel to Italy, France and Portugal.
This summer has been very exciting for me as I was informed of my acceptance into the Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program offered by the University of Maryland’s School of Public Policy as well as my new position of being President of the Black Political Student Association on my campus. I also was accepted into Government and Politics Honors in which I will research and write a thesis topic of interest upon graduation. Finally, I was offered the position as a mobile sales representative for my University’s newspaper, The Diamondback. I applied for the School of Public Policy in which I will prayerfully hear of my acceptance by the end of this summer in which I will graduate in 2016 with my Masters in Public Policy. All of these achievements are not solely my doing. I have definitely been led by God’s grace and succeeded only because of his favor!

Find your passion in life and chase it. God put a burning desire inside of your heart in order to use you for his will. Do not let the fear of success or the fear of failure stop you from pursuing your passion. Do not let negativity prevent you from blossoming into the woman of God that God has ordained and pre-planned that you grow into. God has amazing things planned for you if you follow his will and allow him to use you, your life, and your accomplishments for his glory. We are God’s daughters. We are royalty. Think, act, and walk like royalty!

I’m Sorry I Doubted You

Having navigated from girls to women, we have all had a few moments, well plenty of moments when we have had some serious doubt about something. We kind of give the side eye look, turned up lip look, hands on the waist blank stare look when we are in serious doubt. I can remember lots of times when I didn’t believe my mom about one thing or another. I would engage in long debates, professing my all knowing brain of ides insisting that she could not possibly know what she was talking about. Never mind her multiple YEARS of experience in every topic imaginable, yet I still doubted the perfection of her knowledge and skills. So, today my 7 year old gave me a little dose of that old medicine. Yep, she sure did. I excitedly told her after summer camp that I was going to make her favorite meal, shrimp and pasta. She had no comment. I looked at her in the rear view mirror. Sure fire doubt, the blank stare is what I got. “Can’t we just go to Olive Garden” was her reply. So, although a little shocked to say the least, I had to put my foot down and insist…NO Olive Garden because I knew how to fix the dish, right? The pouting ensued the entire way home…I hoped and prayed to myself that it would turn out, since it was my first time making this. Yikes! Maybe I should have stopped at Olive Garden. Wow, now I doubted myself in anticipation of an “I told you so look” from you know who. So, as the food critic sits at the table eating a snack and watching SpongeBob, I am carefully preparing what will either be her favorite dish or the thing that will cause her to give me the turned up lip look and I really didn’t want that. After careful preparation, dinner was ready. In my proud mommy moment, I presented dinner to my girl with a half French accented VOILA! The look in those eyes and squeal of excitement confirmed that yes, I had succeeded. As my daughter sat across the table she put her fork down, came over and gave me a hug and said “I’m sorry I doubted you mommy.” I was actually surprised considering 7 year olds can be very self centered in their own little worlds. She repeated herself to ensure that I heard her and I let her know all was well…enjoy. My take away…be open to change, try new things and even when there is doubt in the air…just do it …you may surprise yourself and your loved ones. Today, my daughter and I learned patience and although we both had very different thoughts on which path to take, we both ended up at the same destination, enjoying a yummy dinner. Hmmm, I will have to remind myself of this when she approaches the teenage years. There’s a lesson in everything.It was delicious…