Gabourey Sidibe – A Lesson on REAL Self-Esteem

Gabourey Sidibe Gives Our Girls a Lesson On Real Self –Esteem

Kudos to Miss Gabourey Sidibe for giving a class act response to mean comments made about her red carpet look for the Golden Globes award ceremony on January 12. Apparently social media sites were utilized to make unnecessary nasty remarks about her weight and how she looked. Her response quoted on CNN Entertainment…“To people making mean comments about my GG pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night. #JK”, was classy, witty and “mos def” right on time. Miss Gabourey shows the world that it does not matter what people think about her because she loves herself. Thank you for showing our girls the value in self love and acceptance. You are beautiful inside and out!

It saddens me that we still, in this day and age, cannot get past outward appearance and accept one another without judgment. How are we supposed to guide our girls, our daughters, to a place where they will feel great about themselves without feeling like they are inferior because of the way someone else perceives them? How can we teach them that there is so much more to their womanhood than being a size 2, having large breasts, light skin or big behinds? When is it going to end? The truth of the matter is it will not end until we begin to teach our girls at a very young age that she is beautiful just the way God made her and that the very thing she thinks is a flaw may be her most attractive attribute. Also, we must charge ourselves to encourage our daughters to love, value and appreciate themselves and to focus on developing their unique gifts and talents.

Here are 5 things we as mothers can do right now to encourage the healthy development of our daughter’s self esteem:

1. Compliment her and help her to see her natural beauty.
2. Encourage her to set and achieve her goals.
3. Celebrate her accomplishments and her efforts.
4. Spend quality time talking and allow her to lead a topic of conversation.
5. Be supportive of her dreams and ambitions.


I’m Sorry I Doubted You

Having navigated from girls to women, we have all had a few moments, well plenty of moments when we have had some serious doubt about something. We kind of give the side eye look, turned up lip look, hands on the waist blank stare look when we are in serious doubt. I can remember lots of times when I didn’t believe my mom about one thing or another. I would engage in long debates, professing my all knowing brain of ides insisting that she could not possibly know what she was talking about. Never mind her multiple YEARS of experience in every topic imaginable, yet I still doubted the perfection of her knowledge and skills. So, today my 7 year old gave me a little dose of that old medicine. Yep, she sure did. I excitedly told her after summer camp that I was going to make her favorite meal, shrimp and pasta. She had no comment. I looked at her in the rear view mirror. Sure fire doubt, the blank stare is what I got. “Can’t we just go to Olive Garden” was her reply. So, although a little shocked to say the least, I had to put my foot down and insist…NO Olive Garden because I knew how to fix the dish, right? The pouting ensued the entire way home…I hoped and prayed to myself that it would turn out, since it was my first time making this. Yikes! Maybe I should have stopped at Olive Garden. Wow, now I doubted myself in anticipation of an “I told you so look” from you know who. So, as the food critic sits at the table eating a snack and watching SpongeBob, I am carefully preparing what will either be her favorite dish or the thing that will cause her to give me the turned up lip look and I really didn’t want that. After careful preparation, dinner was ready. In my proud mommy moment, I presented dinner to my girl with a half French accented VOILA! The look in those eyes and squeal of excitement confirmed that yes, I had succeeded. As my daughter sat across the table she put her fork down, came over and gave me a hug and said “I’m sorry I doubted you mommy.” I was actually surprised considering 7 year olds can be very self centered in their own little worlds. She repeated herself to ensure that I heard her and I let her know all was well…enjoy. My take away…be open to change, try new things and even when there is doubt in the air…just do it …you may surprise yourself and your loved ones. Today, my daughter and I learned patience and although we both had very different thoughts on which path to take, we both ended up at the same destination, enjoying a yummy dinner. Hmmm, I will have to remind myself of this when she approaches the teenage years. There’s a lesson in everything.It was delicious…