Turkey, Me, and My Shadow

If you are like me, preparing for a big holiday dinner requires precise planning and executing to deliver to our families the perfect holiday dinner and atmosphere. We as women pride ourselves with preparing delicious dishes, creating beautifully decorated tables, and whipping up desserts that will have our guests shouting “Girrrlll…you can burn!” Ahhhh, we know we are throwing down when everyone is happy, full and the plates are clean. That is the mission…right? Yes, that is until a little, pint sized you piddle paddles into the kitchen offering to “help” with everything. This is where the perception of perfection can get greatly distorted. She’s not worried about “the mission”, she just wants to help. She wants to pour, to mix, to cut, to chop and of course to taste…all while getting sneak peeks in of her favorite Nick show now playing on the kitchen television, replacing the motivating factor of your day, the cooking channel. Yep, it’s going to be a long one. However, after a fun-filled day of cooking with my daughter, I came away with 5 nuggets of wisdom that taught me some valuable lessons about building a healthy relationship with my daughter. Here are five tips to consider when including your little helper in the kitchen or around the house. It is possible for you both to have an enjoyable time while still accomplishing “the mission.”

Let the idea of “Perfection” go. I realized that the world was not going to end if a few shells dropped in the mix from cracking the eggs.

Create small tasks that provide a sense of accomplishment. They really just want to help wherever they can. My daughter was delighted to show me how nice the living room rug looked after she vacuumed it.

Treasure the teaching opportunity. Our daughters look at us as their primary examples. They learn from and mimic our actions more than we sometimes realize. Utilize the occasion to show her how to lovingly prepare meals for the family.

Value the creation of priceless memories. We all know how fast children grow up. Take heart in knowing that these moments will one day be cherished memories for your daughter.

Appreciate the moment of bonding. Bonding time with our daughters strengthens and adds value to the relationship. Utilize the moment and the time to build a strong foundation that will mature into a healthy mother and daughter relationship.

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